Spring is coming!

Friday, 12 April 2019

For everyone who likes it fresh and fruity in the upcoming spring time: Recipes for spring - Refreshing, light and delicious.

With these great baking recipes, you can enjoy spring with all your senses!

Spring is coming

In spring, the days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and flowers are sprouting everywhere. It's getting smoother and fresher. There are local fruits such as the first berries of the year which can be picked. Now we want fruity pies, fresh from the oven. Delicious yogurt pies, strawberry muffins and just about anything that smells and looks like spring.

Of these, we can't get enough…

Of these, we gladly take a second piece!

Coconut Slices from KOMPLET Kokosmakronen



Blueberry-Dream Muffin from KOMPLET Gourmet Muffin



Spaghetti Slices from KOMPLET Jogosoft